Pandora Black Friday 2018

Black Friday at Pandora will take place on 23rd November.

pandorcharm | 01 November, 2018 07:40

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States, Pandora Black Friday and is traditionally the first day of the Christmas shopping season. This year, Black Friday will be held on Friday 23rd November, although many retailers will begin to reduce prices before the day itself, and some continue to offer sales even after Black Friday. Last year at Pandora, the Black Friday sale begun on Black Friday itself. Discounts continued over the weekend right up until the first Sunday of December. The brand will likely continue with this model in 2018. However, Pandora jewellery is very popular, especially when it’s limited edition. The best bargains are likely to be snapped up quickly on Black Friday itself.

The best deals of Black Fridays past

Pandora has become a favourite brand for shoppers who love Black Friday. We expect the jeweller to offer similar deals in November 2018 to last year’s Black Friday sale. Some of the best offers at Pandora on previous Black Fridays were:

A Limited Edition Black Friday ‘Bright Ornament’ charm which features red enamel with a filigree and a silver bow on top.A free hand-finished sterling silver bangle with every purchase over ?125.50% off selected jewellery.Free delivery for online orders over the Black Friday weekend.



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